Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100R Airfryer Review

Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100R in Red ReviewFor those who are health conscious, the concept of having ‘fried’ foods sans oil is definitely appealing. An air fryer turns this concept into reality, thereby making healthier fried foods available to these individuals. The Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer 100R is an air fryer which offers a variety of cooking functions such as frying, roasting, grilling and even baking.

Available in 3 attractive colors: red, white and black, the AB-Airfryer 100R comes with a reasonable price tag and has a number of attractive features which makes it a decent investment for day-to-day cooking purpose.

Avalon Bay is not a widely known brand as it does not enjoy high visibility. However, even though it may not advertised as much as other more popular brands, it certainly enjoys an admirable reputation in the market thanks to the sheer number of positive customer feedback garnered by the company. A manufacturer of stylish, highly functional and affordable home appliance products, Avalon Bay is committed to customer satisfaction.

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Key Specifications

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  • 1400 watts power
  • 30 minute cooking timer
  • Top handle for easy portability
  • Adjustable cooking temperature (knob)
  • Comes with a 52 page recipe book, non-stick baking dish and multi-use layer rack
  • Small and compact body to save counter space
  • Quick-release button for separating the basket from the drip tray

Oil Capacity And Food Capacity

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The AB-Airfryer 100R has a food capacity of 3.3 quarts. The term ‘oil capacity’ is not applicable here as this is an air fryer and it requires only a thin coat of oil for cooking the food. In case of meats with natural fats there is no need to use oil at all!

Cooking Technology

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Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100R AirfryerThe rapid air circulation technology of the air fryer helps circulate hot air within the cooking basket so that the food can be fried, grilled, roasted or baked within the enclosed basket and without the use of much oil. This proves that the food does not need to be dripping in oil to be crisp and nicely fried. Thus, one can enjoy a delicious fried meal without oil stains or guilt from the excessive calories.

The Stainless Steel 304 heating element on top of the machine heats up the air inside the fryer whilst the fan blows and circulates hot air all around the food to be cooked evenly. This happens in a very fast and consistent motion whilst the fat from the meat drips down the drip pan below.


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1400 watts and cooking temperature varies from 200 to 400 degree Fahrenheit.

Item Dimensions

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11 x 13.5 x 12.75 inches
Weight : 14 pounds

Time Taken to Heat Up

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Since this isn’t a deep fryer wherein a specific quantity of oil has to be poured in, but rather an air fryer, it begins to function the moment the timer is set. Thus, there is no additional time wasted in waiting for the oil to heat up. In case of preheating, it takes under 3 minutes for the air fryer to be ready.

Heat Recovery

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Not applicable

Material Type

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Sturdy plastic body with metal pans, mesh grill and rack

Safety Features

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The AB-Airfryer100R comes with non-slip feet for a good grip on the countertop surface. Also, it has an automatic shutdown feature which causes the air fryer to shut down when the timer goes off. This reduces the chances of the food burning or the machine catching fire due to overheating.

Ease of Use

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The air fryer offers a wide range of cooking functions, thereby producing delicious meals such as chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, French fries, cakes and so on. The machine is very easy to use, so much so that even children can cook food on their own without adult supervision! After all, there are just 2 simple analog controls on the fryer: one knob is for temperature whereas the other is the timer. As far as temperature setting is concerned, the machine is very straightforward and uncomplicated. It has only four temperature options: 180, 250, 320 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit, therefore there is no scope for confusion here.


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1 year limited warranty


  • Uses little to no oil
  • Very user friendly
  • Can be used for pre-packaged and frozen foods too
  • Easy to clean up as the parts are dishwasher safe
  • Impressive customer service
  • Does not leave the kitchen smoky or stinky
  • Compact body which makes it space-efficient
  • Stainless Steel 304 heating element ensures evenly cooked and crisp food
  • Affordable price tag


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  • The fact that the air fryer just has 4 temperature settings can be a drawback for some, as a result of which they need to engage in trial and error cooking to get the perfect or best result
  • It is important to remember that the timer doesn’t stop if you need to pull out the basket to shake or turn the food in between. Thus, one has to divide the cooking time into two sets. After the first cooking period elapse, the food can be stirred, shaken or turned over before setting the timer once again for the remaining cooking time.

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Consumer Reviews

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The air fryer deserves a rating of good rating out of 5 as it is quite versatile in terms of cooking functions. Also, the additional accessories provided with it makes it all the more worthwhile and increases the functionality of the device.

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The AB-Airfryer 100R is a well-priced product. In comparison to the other air fryers in the market, this one is very affordable in terms of price tag.

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This air fryer from Avalon Bay is a good buy for individuals who wants to give air frying a try without spending a bomb. This reasonably-priced device has user-friendly controls and is very easy to clean too. The interior cooking capacity of the fryer is quite decent as it can easily serve a family of 3-4. The satisfaction of the consumer is dependent upon his/her willingness to experiment with the product, but all in all it is a decently functional and well-priced air fryer.

Features Overview

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