Best Electric Deep Fryer Features

Electric Deep Fryer FeaturesThere are two types of a deep fryer that you can buy when you want to fry some foods in order to get a crispy result. You can choose gas or electric deep fryer. Both of these deep fryers are good and have their own superiority in the term of usage. One of the most favorite deep fryers is the electric deep fryer which is mostly used by the people in the US and Europe. Since every house has enough power, then most of the citizens prefer electric deep fryer. So, what are the best electric deep fryer features that make the users feel impressed?

Timer with Audible Alarm

Some of the modern electric deep fryers are equipped with a timer. The timer is used to indicate that the food is already well-fried. It produces an audible alarm in which you can notice it despite you are away from your electric deep fryer. This timer is really helpful but not all of the deep fryers have this feature. The gas deep fryers may not have this kind of feature.

Automatic Raise and Lower

This function is also special and it can only be found in certain deep fryers. This function is really helpful the user to rise up the basket from the oil or lower it into the oil automatically. This system will help the user to know whether the fried food is cooked and preventing it from over cooked. The basket will automatically raise when the food is cooked.

Ventilation System

One of the biggest problems when frying food is the frying odor. Today’s electric deep fryer is already equipped with a ventilation system which is used to reduce the frying odor. Since it has a ventilation system, though you fry some foods for a longer time, then your kitchen will remain clean and no frying odors. This system can only be found in the electric deep fryer.

Oil Filters

You must not wish to buy some oil again and again after you fry some food. When you use ordinary deep fryers, you have to throw the used oil because it cannot be used anymore. However, if you want to reuse the same oil, then you can choose an electric deep fryer that is equipped with oil filters. This oil filter will filter the used oil so that the oil can be used again and you do not need to buy some new oil.

Temperature Controls

In order to prevent the food from overcooking, then you must need a deep fryer that is equipped with temperature control. Some modern electric deep fryers have been equipped with this feature so you can control the temperature while frying your foods. You can set it to the lowest temperature or the highest temperature. It all depends on your decision. You can adjust the temperature as you wish.

Making Crispy Food

When you fry some sliced potatoes in a pan, you cannot make sure that the fried potatoes will be crispy. However, if you use an electric deep fryer, then you will have crispy potatoes because this deep fryer has been designed specifically to make some crispy and delicious food. So, you can get rid of your frying pan and start to use deep frying for a better frying result.

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