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Reuse of Deep Frying Oil – What You Should Know?

Reuse of Deep Frying OilModern deep fryer is a fryer that can be used to fry anything with a better result. Unlike the ordinary frying pan, this modern deep fryer will save more oil because it is equipped with a filter system that can filter the used oil so that the dregs will be separated from the oil. Since the Dregs are separated from the oil, then you can reuse the oil to fry other foods. Though you can still reuse the deep frying oil, you need to know about several things before using the used oil.

If you want to reuse the deep frying oil, then you should consider the type of food that you are cooking.… Read More

Deep Fryer Filters Ins and Outs

deep fryer filtersA deep fryer as a frying equipment is really popular among the people in the city. They prefer deep fryer rather than an ordinary frying pan because it offers a lot of advantages. Using a deep fryer, you can fry a French fries quickly and of course, the result will be delicious. Using a deep fryer, you control the temperature as you wish. Another benefit of using the deep fryer is that it can save more oil usage because it is equipped with deep fryer filters ins and outs. This filtering feature is commonly found in some modern deep fryer and most of the modern deep fryers have this feature.  So, why the deep fryer filters ins and outs are really important?… Read More

Cool Touch Deep Fryers

cool touch deep fryerThere is a wide range of deep fryers that you can buy in the market with various brand options either. You can buy a deep fryer that uses gas or you can buy a modern deep fryer that uses electricity. The gas deep fryers may be suitable for those want to run a business by selling crispy foods. But, if you want to use it at home, you can choose an electrical deep fryer which has smaller design and more sophisticated. This modern deep fryer also belongs to cool touch deep fryer. What is cool touch deep fryer?

Cool touch deep fryer is kind of modern deep fryer which is designed specifically so that any users who use the deep fryer can touch the body of the deep fryer without feeling burned or heat.… Read More

Propane Deep Fryer

Propane Deep FryersYou do not need to worry anymore with propane deep fryer, more help for picnics and barbecues. Deep fryer is functioned for frying snacks such as sausage, onion ring, french fries, and many more snacks. With a deep pan, you can cook the raw food material easily without having worries the food become too well done. It is basically different from saucepan. Saucepan is for making sauce, soup, and boil water. Otherwise, deep fryer is more for frying purpose.

Nowadays, fryers has some improved features such as a basket to put the food and raise after it has been done, also to clear the food from cooking oil so that it dries when it is finished.… Read More

A Comparison Between Electric And Propane Deep Fryers

Propane Deep FryersIn order to know the difference between electric and propane, first of all, you have to understand that electricity is the second energy source while propane is a main energy source. It is very different to compare a second energy source and main energy source. Propane features energy which is applied directly. Meanwhile, electricity has energy which is applied after it is produced from the main energy source like petroleum or natural gas. However, electricity is produced from another energy source. Amounts of electricity which have been used do not show unlike the amount of propane which has been used.

Energy Content Comparison

Electric Deep FryersThe gas of propane is distributed and measured in cubic feet, pounds, and gallons and units of propane which have been measured sold adhere to volumes.… Read More

Best Electric Deep Fryer Features

Electric Deep Fryer FeaturesThere are two types of a deep fryer that you can buy when you want to fry some foods in order to get a crispy result. You can choose gas or electric deep fryer. Both of these deep fryers are good and have their own superiority in the term of usage. One of the most favorite deep fryers is the electric deep fryer which is mostly used by the people in the US and Europe. Since every house has enough power, then most of the citizens prefer electric deep fryer. So, what are the best electric deep fryer features that make the users feel impressed?

Timer with Audible Alarm

Some of the modern electric deep fryers are equipped with a timer.… Read More