A Comparison Between Electric And Propane Deep Fryers

Propane Deep FryersIn order to know the difference between electric and propane, first of all, you have to understand that electricity is the second energy source while propane is a main energy source. It is very different to compare a second energy source and main energy source. Propane features energy which is applied directly. Meanwhile, electricity has energy which is applied after it is produced from the main energy source like petroleum or natural gas. However, electricity is produced from another energy source. Amounts of electricity which have been used do not show unlike the amount of propane which has been used.

Energy Content Comparison

Electric Deep FryersThe gas of propane is distributed and measured in cubic feet, pounds, and gallons and units of propane which have been measured sold adhere to volumes. The energy which has been used is measured in BTU’s. Meanwhile, you have to measure the electricity in kilowatts. The appliances of electric and propane are given in per hour efficiency ratings for the consumption of the energy which has been measured. The appliances of electric are labeled as kWh while appliances of propane are listed as BTU.

If you want to compare the real difference between electricity and propane, you have to compare electricity and propane from their energy content. The costs of the fuel for both electricity and propane is ranged depend on the sector such as residential, industrial and much more and region. When it comes to compare to electricity, historically, propane is more cost effective and a better value.

Cost Comparison

A lot of prospective consumers and energy users have interested in comparing propane to electricity. So, how to compare the cost of electricity to propane? First of all, you have to understand the cost of each fuel per unit and you can compare them immediately. But if you want to do the simple stuff and you want to prevent the over-analysis of cost comparison of electricity and propane, you can see this non-technical comparison at this post.

Meanwhile, the perfect method in order to understand the comparison of the cost is to know the budgets that have been applied in order to power the appliance at the same stage for the same time. Meanwhile, a couple of types of factors such as AFUE, insulation and a couple of other efficiency ratings that have been involved in calculating the real appliances comparison will be difficult to do.

Environmental Impact

As the second energy source, electricity is produced by the main energy source usage but it does not mean that electricity is the friendly fuel which is available now. A lot of people wrongly believe it and they will not understand all of the important things of electric power generation. 50% electricity which is generated in the United States is by burning the coal.

For those of you who have a hybrid car that is charged by using coal, it is difficult for you to make a positive impact on your environment. Meanwhile, the comparison between vehicles which have been powered by electricity and propane can only be compared according to the main energy source or electric power generation.

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