Philips AirFryer The Original Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology HD9220/26 Review

Philips AirFryer The Original Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology HD9220-26 ReviewDeveloped in collaboration with the Michelin-star chef and restaurateur, Gordon Ramsay, Philips AirFryer is the first airfryer of its kind which instantly became a huge hit the moment it set foot into the market. Thereafter, it sparked the interests of other competitor brands and they too began to make their own version of a healthier fryer with fast air circulation technology.

Thus, Philips AirFryer is definitely a game changer because of its one-of-a-kind cooking technology and it permanently changed the way people look at fried foods. Thanks to this cutting edge cooking appliance, it is now possible to have fried foods that are crisp/crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside with up to 75% less fat.

Philips is a world famous Dutch technology company that has its headquarters in Amsterdam. The primary divisions of the company are lighting, healthcare and electronics. Philips products are sold all around the world and is a trustworthy brand of high repute.

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Key Specifications

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  • The original ‘real deal’ which has been voted as the world’s #1 Airfryer
  • 1425 watts power
  • Has more than 5 million units sold worldwide
  • 100% taste satisfaction guaranteed
  • Fries food with Rapid Air Technology that uses 75% less fat
  • Patented and unique Starfish design that distributes heat very quickly
  • Multi-purpose device that can be used for roasting, grilling and baking too

Oil Capacity and Food Capacity

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The frying basket of the AirFryer can hold up to 1.8 lbs of food, which is sufficient enough for a single serving of food for 2 individuals. If you’re preparing appetizers such as French Fries or Mozzarella sticks then it would serve up to 3 people.

Since the AirFryer is just what its name suggests, i.e. it is not a typical fryer wherein the food is dunked into hot oil, therefore the oil capacity of the device is nil. You just need a light dab or a spray of oil on the food for deep frying or no oil at all (depending upon what is being cooked)!

Cooking Technology

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With Philips AirFryer, air is the new oil! Featuring a unique and patented starfish design, the fryer circulates hot air around the entire cooking area to ensure that the food is cooked or deep fried to perfection. The food never comes in contact with the cooking element, instead the grill and convection fan present at the top of the device facilitates rapid circulation of hot air to cook the food. Thus, the primary distinguishing factor of the AirFryer that separates it from conventional fryers is that the former is all about the air movement whereas the latter has no air movement.

The AirFryer is also capable of grilling, roasting, steaming and baking apart from deep frying.


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1425 watts. The fryer can cook at a temperature of up to 390 degree Fahrenheit.

Item Dimensions

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15.35 * 15.35 * 14.88 inches
Weight : 18.9 pounds

Time Taken to Heat Up

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The AirFryer starts heating up the moment the user keeps in the food basket and sets the timer. However, in case of certain food items, pre-heating is recommended, which takes about 3 minutes if the appliance is cold.

Heat Recovery

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There is no heat recovery of the appliance as such. For instance, if the first batch of food requires pre-heating and a cook time of 10 minutes then the timer knob should be set to 13 minutes. Thereafter, the second batch is going to need 10 minutes cooking time only, there is no requirement of time for ‘heat recovery’.

Material Type

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The outer body of the Philips AirFryer is made from plastic and it has a glossy curved look to it. The double layer rack is made from stainless steel whereas the other accessories like fry/grill pan, baking dish and variety basket are made from non-stick metal.

Safety Features

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After the desired time set on the timer knob is reached, the AirFryer produces a cheerful ‘ding’ sound and thereafter automatically shuts down to prevent fire or burning of food from overheating. The handgrips or handles stay cool to touch during the entire cooking process. The fryer is also fitted with sturdy non-slip feet, therefore there are no chances of it slipping or toppling over.

Ease of Use

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The Philips AirFryer is really simple and easy to use, there is no need to watch over it while the food is cooking. One just has to set the cooking time and then the unit would work its magic. The beeping timer would indicate when the food is ready and at the same time the fryer will automatically shut down, therefore there is no need to worry about the food getting overcooked or burnt. The basket is also very easy to take out, simply hold down the button, lift the basket up and pull on it to make it slide out easily.


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Limited 1 year warranty from Philips


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  • Low to no oil required for cooking
  • Very easy to clean as all the removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Fast Cooking speed, it takes about 10 minutes to deep fry vegetables and about 20 minutes in case of meat such as poultry, fish, etc.
  • Can cook frozen food in as-is condition, there is no need to defrost
  • No need to deal with hot oil splatters


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  • The base of the fryer is very heavy
  • Due to small size of the cooking basket, large families might have to cook food in multiple batches
  • Lack of lock-in feature for the handle when the unit is in operation and can easily be pulled out by children

Consumer Reviews

All in all, based on the online customer reviews, the AirFryer gained better rating and standing out of the crowd.

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Philips AirFryer The Original Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology HD9220-26Considering the limitation of the cooking space and the fact that the food has to be cooked in small batches only, the AirFryer has a high price point. Also, in order to use the additional functions (apart from deep frying) of the unit, optional accessories such as the double layer cooking rack insert, the baking tray insert, the fry/grill pan insert and the variety basket has to be purchased separately.

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A certified refurbished model of the same is also available, this one has a lower price tag. The said model number is HD9220/56. Check the price of the refurbished AirFryer HD9220/56 model price here..


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Compared to conventional deep fryers, the Philips Airfryer is quite a refreshing change with its unique healthy cooking technology. Not only does it free up one’s cooking time but it also makes clean up after usage a breeze. Just like conventionally fried foods (in hot oil), the foods cooked with the AirFryer is also quite crispy and tasty, which is why the manufacturer offers 100% taste satisfaction guarantee.

Features Overview

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