Reuse of Deep Frying Oil – What You Should Know?

Reuse of Deep Frying OilModern deep fryer is a fryer that can be used to fry anything with a better result. Unlike the ordinary frying pan, this modern deep fryer will save more oil because it is equipped with a filter system that can filter the used oil so that the dregs will be separated from the oil. Since the Dregs are separated from the oil, then you can reuse the oil to fry other foods. Though you can still reuse the deep frying oil, you need to know about several things before using the used oil.

If you want to reuse the deep frying oil, then you should consider the type of food that you are cooking. You may reuse the deep frying oil as long as you do not fry meats that contain protein. Even though the used oil still looks clean, the oil has been contaminated with the meat dregs which are not good for your health. Actually, the use of oil itself is not good for our health and it will become worse when you reuse the oil that is used to fry meats. So, what kind of oil that can be reused?

All types of food that do not contain protein can be fried by using the deep fryer and the deep-frying oil can still be used for the second time. Some of those foods are French fries, potato chips, cassava chips, and much more. After you fry some potato chips, the dregs of the fried potatoes will be filtered and your deep frying oil will look a bit clean and can be reused to fry other foods such as cassava chips or other chips made from tubers. Even though you fry different foods, you still can reuse the oil for several times.

By reusing the deep frying oil for several times, then you can save more money. You do not need to buy new oil every day because you can still use the same oil for several times. The filter feature owned by the deep fryer is really helpful for those who want to get efficient frying process. You just need to remember for not to reuse the deep frying oil which is used to fry meats because it may not be healthy for your body.

It is undeniable that eating some oily foods are not good for our health because the oil contained in the food will be accumulated in our body. This can cause obesity for those who eat oily foods but they do not exercise. However, some modern deep fryers have been invented to solve this issue despite it cannot solve the issue totally. At least, when using the deep fryer, the oil in the food will reduce due to the use of basket and the oil will be drained when you raise the basket. Therefore, suppose you do not have a deep fryer at home, then you are recommended to buy one and you will notice the benefits.

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