T-Fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Ultimate EZ Clean Deep Fryer Review

T-Fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Ultimate EZ Clean Deep Fryer ReviewFried food is something that everybody loves to eat but not necessarily prepare. After all, the oil vapors and splatters leaves the kitchen in a state of mess whereas the fried oil smell tends to linger on for a long period of time. To take the hassle out of the dreaded task of deep frying one can invest in a high performance deep fryer such as the T-Fal FR8000.

This home deep frying unit from T-Fal, a reputable company offering ingenious and innovative products to simplify cooking, is made up of unique components required for the foundation of a good fryer. Not only does it produce golden brown crispy fried foods but it also keeps oil absorption to a minimum and facilitates faster cooking.

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Key Specifications

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  • Patented EZ Clean Oil filtration system
  • 2 position basket for draining and cooking food
  • Features immersed heating element for quick heat recovery
  • Handles stay cool when the fryer is in use
  • Adjustable precise thermostat control
  • Produces professional and healthier results
  • Viewing window present in the lid
  • Automatic oil filtration
  • Easy one-step oil cleanup process
  • Compact design which makes it portable as well as easy to store

Oil Capacity and Food Capacity

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The T-Fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Ultimate EZ Clean Deep Fryer offers a 2.65 lb fresh food capacity and 3.5 liter oil capacity.

Cooking Technology

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One of the most impressive features of the T-Fal FR8000 is its advanced oil temperature heating system. Thanks to this neat feature, the deep fryer maintains the idea frying temperature which seals the food’s exterior; as a result, the fried food absorbs less oil and cooks at a faster rate. Thus, irrespective of whether you’re making French Fries, onion rings, chicken wings or other meats, the FR8000 deep fryer ensures that the end result is crispy and visually appealing with its fried-to-perfection texture! In other words, you’ll not be having any uncooked or soggy items coming out of this fryer.

The deep fryer also boasts of a unique oil filtration system wherein the used oil is automatically drained, filtered and transferred into a slide-out storage container at the bottom for re-use in the future.


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1700 watts of power


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18.3 x 13.7 x 14.8 inches
Weight : 12.4 pounds

Time Taken to Heat Up

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The deep fryer takes approximately 15 minutes to get the oil to 375 degrees Fahrenheit from room temperature.

Heat Recovery

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It takes the deep fryer about 6 minutes for heat recovery, i.e. to reheat the oil after frying the previous batch of frozen or raw foods.

Material Type

Stainless Steel body with stay-cool plastic handles

Safety Features

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The power cord of the deep fryer is held onto the control unit via a magnet mechanism. This way, in case the cord is accidentally pulled or snagged, it will come off on its own without dragging down the entire machine with its hot oil.

The heating element stays immersed into the oil to maintain a cool exterior temperature of the deep fryer. This way, one would not burn or scald one’s hands or get hot grease burn when accidentally touching the stainless steel portion of the body without gloves.

Ease of Use

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T-Fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Ultimate EZ Clean Deep FryerDraining a deep fryer is not just a difficult task but also a messy one because of oil spillages and food bits coming out of the fryer. With the T-Fal FR8000 one does not need to deal with this because of its automatic oil filtration system. The system also helps in getting rid of food particles so that they do not burn up when the oil is being used for re-frying.

Parts of the deep fryer are dishwasher safe therefore it makes the cleaning up process post frying easier. The on-off power button and controls or knobs are also very easy to operate.


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1 year limited warranty


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  • The oil filtration system feature is very rare in case of deep fryers
  • Built-in transparent container (tightly sealed) at the bottom of the fryer for storing the filtered oil
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy construction
  • Precise temperature control and adjustable thermostat
  • Multi-positional cooking basket
  • Reliable
  • Generous food capacity
  • See-through window on the lid
  • Lid comes with permanent odor filter mechanism which prevent odors from escaping and reduces the fried oil smell in the room
  • Dishwasher-safe components/parts


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  • In case of breakage or damage, the parts are not easy to repair or replace
  • Slightly Expensive
  • The grease drain is prone to clogging
  • May have problem reaching and maintaining higher temperatures
  • Basket can be slightly deeper
  • The Basket design, i.e. mesh wiring, causes batter to stick to it
  • Some customers have complained about bad customer service

Consumer Reviews

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All in all the T-Fal FR8000 deep fryer is a fairly impressive deep fryer. While it may not have extra cooking functions like steaming or boiling, like the other deep fryers in the market, it does a great job at frying. It deserves a decent high end because it delivers exactly what it promises, i.e. be a high performance fryer.

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In terms of price, the T-Fal FR8000 is definitely slightly more expensive as opposed to other options in the market. However, it does offer a fairly large cooking capacity and all of its unit functions work the way they are meant to, therefore it makes a good buy if you’re willing to pay for a high quality solo fryer.

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As far as convenience is concerned, the T-Fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Ultimate EZ Clean Deep Fryer is definitely one of the best deep fryers in the lineup. It is not only extremely user friendly but also very easy to clean and maintain. What’s more, the ability of the deep fryer to filter and store oil for future use is definitely very unique and helpful.

Features Overview

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  1. Lauren
    December 4, 2016 at 8:25 am

    I’ve had this fryer and it’s hands down the best fryer I’ve ever had! It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and the oil filtration makes it hassle-free. I’ve had it for around a year and it’s in awesome condition still. I don’t overdo it with the frying because I know it’s not that good for me but when I’m out of time I always rely on it.

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