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Cool Touch Deep Fryers

cool touch deep fryerThere is a wide range of deep fryers that you can buy in the market with various brand options either. You can buy a deep fryer that uses gas or you can buy a modern deep fryer that uses electricity. The gas deep fryers may be suitable for those want to run a business by selling crispy foods. But, if you want to use it at home, you can choose an electrical deep fryer which has smaller design and more sophisticated. This modern deep fryer also belongs to cool touch deep fryer. What is cool touch deep fryer?

Cool touch deep fryer is kind of modern deep fryer which is designed specifically so that any users who use the deep fryer can touch the body of the deep fryer without feeling burned or heat.… Read More

Advantages Of Deep Fryer

deep fryer prosYou may not be too familiar with a deep fryer because you use a frying pan more often. A deep fryer is a kitchen appliance which is used to fry some foods for better result compared with an ordinary pan. The people in the city have switched to use deep fryers because of the advantages offered.

Certainly, this latest design of frying equipment is made with specialties and some cool features which can make the users feel more convenient when they are frying some chips, snacks, potatoes, crackers, and much more. Why do you have to use a deep fryer? Here, we will discuss the advantages of owning a deep fryer for you.… Read More

Propane Deep Fryer

Propane Deep FryersYou do not need to worry anymore with propane deep fryer, more help for picnics and barbecues. Deep fryer is functioned for frying snacks such as sausage, onion ring, french fries, and many more snacks. With a deep pan, you can cook the raw food material easily without having worries the food become too well done. It is basically different from saucepan. Saucepan is for making sauce, soup, and boil water. Otherwise, deep fryer is more for frying purpose.

Nowadays, fryers has some improved features such as a basket to put the food and raise after it has been done, also to clear the food from cooking oil so that it dries when it is finished.… Read More

Does a Deep Fryer Help Fry Your Food Better?

Does a Deep Fryer Help Fry Your Food BetterBasically, deep fryer has a function to fry the raw food material deeply. The heat will spread perfectly so the food will be well cooked and of course tastes delicious. You just need to consider first the product carefully before buying. You have to consider the guarantee, customer service, the product quality, price deal, and anything it may connect to the product. After consideration is made, do not forget to try it first in the store so you will not end up upset at home with some parts of the product broken. Arriving home relaxed with the new product in your hand, just arrange a schedule to use it so just avoid to buy it before long time later you will use it.… Read More

The Pros Of Buying An Electric Deep Fryer

The Pros of Buying an Electric Deep FryerBuying an electric deep fryer would never be wasted in a lifetime. It has many advantages that you may change your mind. Electric deep fryers has the pros of buying an electric deep fryer. It will be explained below the advantages of an electric deep fryer.

  • Easy To Use

Modern electric deep fryer is featured with many accessories such as anti heat handles, automatic power stop, stainless steel baskets, to make us easier the device.

  • Safety Lid

Deep fryer has a safety lid protector in order to avoid volatile splattering hot oil. It is made from stainless steel and fine glass which has good quality to heat. Lid size depends on the size of the pan.… Read More

The Benefits of Owning a Deep Fryer

The Benefits of Owning a Deep FryerMany people have commonly used deep fryers at their home because they offer a fast, accurate, safe and customizable choice that will be useful in order to deal with hot oils on your frying pan. Meanwhile, you can also easily wash them and you can also help the environment in order to reuse cooking oil. These are a couple of benefits of owning a deep fryer.


You have to consider that fryers are sometimes devices which have been enclosed. Hot cooking oil can be prevented by this from threatening you of your kids and pets and causing harmful burns. You can also get the easy and safe disposal of hot cooking oil by these fryers.… Read More

Deep Fryer Cleaning – What You Should Know

cleaning deep fryersOne nice and sophisticated fryer which has new design and concept that is made is deep fryer. Deep Fryer is one of the solutions to cooking a lot of food at once quickly and effectively. Using a deep fryer, you can make your food fried into crispy and tasty. You can use the deep fryer many times as you wish. However, you should keep your deep fryer clean and take care of it so that it will always be operating properly. Keeping the deep fryer in good and clean condition is one way to promote the quality of your fried food products to the customers and your deep fryer will always be durable and always work normally.… Read More

Best Electric Deep Fryer Features

Electric Deep Fryer FeaturesThere are two types of a deep fryer that you can buy when you want to fry some foods in order to get a crispy result. You can choose gas or electric deep fryer. Both of these deep fryers are good and have their own superiority in the term of usage. One of the most favorite deep fryers is the electric deep fryer which is mostly used by the people in the US and Europe. Since every house has enough power, then most of the citizens prefer electric deep fryer. So, what are the best electric deep fryer features that make the users feel impressed?

Timer with Audible Alarm

Some of the modern electric deep fryers are equipped with a timer.… Read More

Home Deep Fryer Buying Tips

deep fryer buying tipsIf you know how to use deep fryer correctly, then you will surely be amazed and would imagine buying this modern kitchen appliance in which its quality cannot be doubted.The technique is really easy by just immersing the food into very hot oil.

It is not the oil that makes it so unique when using this fryer but it is the frying result in which the food fried will be tasty and crispy.Somehow, the deep fryer type can also determine the quality of the frying process. So, when you want to buy a deep fryer, you have to consider some tips below.

Capacity Tank

Firstly, you must make sure that the tank capacity and the amount of production every day are appropriate.… Read More

Philips AirFryer The Original Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology HD9220/26 Review

Philips AirFryer The Original Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology HD9220-26 ReviewDeveloped in collaboration with the Michelin-star chef and restaurateur, Gordon Ramsay, Philips AirFryer is the first airfryer of its kind which instantly became a huge hit the moment it set foot into the market. Thereafter, it sparked the interests of other competitor brands and they too began to make their own version of a healthier fryer with fast air circulation technology.

Thus, Philips AirFryer is definitely a game changer because of its one-of-a-kind cooking technology and it permanently changed the way people look at fried foods. Thanks to this cutting edge cooking appliance, it is now possible to have fried foods that are crisp/crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside with up to 75% less fat.… Read More